Sunday, 25 September 2011

#39 In the Field - Cody, Wyoming con't . . .

Senator and Mrs. Alan Simpson (R - WY)

Yesterday, after the brunch, quick draw and auction, Trish and I toured the Cody art galleries.   We met Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson and his lovely wife Ann at the Simpson Gallagher Art Gallery which is owned by their daughter Sue.  We are both fond of this great man and were pleasantly surprised to learn they own a piece of my work.

Afterwords we were invited to the studio of the late sculptor Harry Jackson (1924 - 2011).  We had sat at the same table with his son Matthew during the previous nights' banquet and art auction festivities and jumped at the special invitation.

The three of us spent the afternoon visiting in the solitude of his father's studio: a coveted and profound experience!  As a student at the Kansas City Art Institute in the early 60's modernism was being taught.  I had learned of Jackson and his friendship with Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock and over the years have been fascinated by his career as an Abstract Expressionist painter in New York who evolved into a powerful sculptor of western bronzes.

I left feeling that I had actually met him - his work and his life were coming into focus.  I will research and read about him in the coming months and cherish the small sculpture I bought in his studio.

Art must express some force, some emotion, some movement - I felt it all.

Matthew Jackson and Sandy
in Harry Jackson's Cody, WY studio

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