Wednesday, 21 September 2011

#35 In the Field:

Yesterday at daybreak, Trish and I loaded the old Trooper and took off on our annual Wyoming antelope hunt.  This year we drew doe tags but not a problem - our priority is meat for the freezer not heads for the wall.

By the end of the day, and after several lengthy stalks, we both had our animals down within 50 feet of each other!  While Trish started field dressing, I hiked back to get the Trooper.  The old buggy (which also serves as my foundry vehicle) is great for hunting and off-road driving.  It sets high off the ground, is 4 - wheel drive and rumbles over the sagebrush slow and steady.

Feeling pretty randy we were home after dark with our meat iced down, ready to go to the processor this morning.  After all, girls just want to have fun!

Our tradition and ritual is to prepare the tenderloin on the night of the hunt with a skillet of potatoes and onions and a nice red wine.  There are no words to describe the delicacy!

After the hunt tenderloin:
Lightly steam potato wedges while sautéing sliced onion using olive oil in a heavy skillet.
Add softened potatoes to onion.
Season with salt, paper, Montreal seasoning and garlic and lightly brown.
Remove onions and potatoes to warming plate.
Flatten tenderloin with side of large knife.
Add more olive oil and turn heat to medium high.
Saute' lightly 3 - 4 minuets per side depending on meat thickness
Salt and pepper to taste
Meat should be pink/red and juicy inside when done.

Serve with Caesar Salad, crusty French bread and a hearty red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Note:  One year we cooked the tenderloin over a campfire with a pointed hot dog stick.
           Now you're REALLY cooking!

In the Studio:
Early this morning I started a head study of a buck antelope in clay.  To say I'm inspired is an 
understatement.  However, the best way to honor the animal is to eat the meat.

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