Tuesday, 12 May 2020

#752 "Secretary Bird"

      During the Covid-19 virus shut down I find myself studio bound and 
      incarcerated like never before. I'm taking advantage of this time 
        by revisiting startups and works that were set aside for one reason or 
         another in years past and among the many is a head study of one of the 
                 most interesting birds I have ever encountered afield: 
                  The Secretary Bird.

"Secretary Bird"
10"H 10"W 6"D
 Edition Size 50

This head study is a nightmare for a mold maker and foundry to cast.  
                                                   We spent many hours consulting the foundry and relying 
                                                             on their assistance in the production process. 

This study is the result of an unforgettable trip to Tanzania several years ago with a group of artist friends:  Jan Martin McGuire, James Gary Hines,  John Agnew, Julie Askew, Robert Caldwell, Paul Dixon, Tony Pridham, and Dale Weiler. Trish and I were given our own guide and Land Rover,  spent time consuming hours at water holes in search of closeups and details of various species and returned home with over 15,000 digital images.  The Secretary Bird is famous for its long black head plumes, is a raptor closely related to the osprey and can be found stomping snakes in sub-Saharan African grasslands.  Please type in Secretary Bird in the white blog search box for more info on this subject.   

                      Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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