Tuesday, 27 August 2019

#706 "Bred for the Plowland"

"Bred for the Plowland
24"H 24"W 9"D
Edition 25

I was born in Iowa and although my folks moved to Oklahoma when I was two, 
I grew up hearing about my Father's young days on the farm and my Mother's 
trials and travails of being a farm wife. . . especially during harvest.  As a little kid 
our family visited the old farm often and I learned that before the tractor changed 
farming practices, my Dad was considered the best hand with a team of 
horses in Dubuque County.

When I drive through eastern Iowa now I can envision my Father as a young man 
walking behind the plow and harrow of his team, Pete and Bud over the rolling 
black earth fields.  "Bred for the Plowland" is a tribute to the working farm 
horse and the men who drove them.

Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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