Monday, 9 November 2015

#685 In the studio: Eyes. . . predator or prey?

Whether your creation is human or animal, every figurative artist should have an understanding of eyes.  
It's important to know the difference between an animal that is a predator or a prey species.
Once this information is processed . . . eye location become logical:  See and be seen.

Predator animals such as a wolf, lion, bear, cat, dog, and human have forward-facing eyes that are placed 
on the front of the head while animals that are preyed upon have eyes that are on the side of the head.  
Preyed upon animals include rabbits, mice, deer. antelope, zebras, horses, and more.

The same is true of birds:  Birds of prey include eagles, hawks, and owls and have eyes located on the 
front of their heads.  Most other birds have eyes on the side of their heads and are preyed upon.

When you research your subject, pay special attention to the eyes and where they are located.
Ask yourself . . . is this critter the hunter or the hunted?

Below, are images of predator eyes.

Below, are images of prey eyes.

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