Wednesday, 17 September 2014

#566 Art shows: "Western Visions Wild 100" . . . 2014

Last weekend the National Museum of Wildlife Art in
Jackson, Wyoming presented Western Visions Wild 100 Exhibition and Sale.  One hundred artists were chosen
this year in an event that combined well established
artists and emerging talent . . . traditional and
contemporary approaches to wildlife art were showcased
during Jackson's annual September celebration of the arts.

The exhibition closes October 26 and can be viewed online:

The "Wild 100" was an exciting event at one of America's most prestigious
museums and in one of our country's most beautiful places.

Below, are images of the work I exhibited in this year's show.

Moose Junction
19"H 19"W 10"D

Trail Creek Elk
13"H 14"W 9"D

Yellowstone Moose
15" x 13"

Mule Deer, Moose, Whitetail

Below, are images of Western Vision memories.
My Moose Flats sculpture is on the museum's sculpture trail . . . silhouetted above the National Elk Refuge.

Below, I'm with friends Veerla Ullberg, Don Rambadt,
Joshua Rose - publisher and editor of "Western Art Collector magazine, Lyn St. Claire, and Kent Ullberg.

Below,  Trish enjoys a cup of coffee at the artist's breakfast and in the distance are artist friends
Tucker Smith, Tim Shinabarger, Walt Matia, and Jim Morgan.

Below, Tim Shinabarger is telling me about his recent hunt in Alaska while
 Mick and Katrina Doellinger converses with Pete Zaluzek.

Below, is an image of my Presidential Eagle Monument on the
National Museum of Wildlife Art Sculpture Trail.

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Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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