Sunday, 18 March 2018

#698 Recent Work 1

"Anasazi Splendor"
25"H 12"W 10"D

Sleepy Kitten
5"H 16"W 7"D

Cat Nap
4"H 16"W 7"D

Keeper of Secrets
13"H 18"W 19"D

Secret Omen
14 H 22"W 9"D

Eternal Secrets
14"H 28"W 28"D

American Icon
42"H 64"W 25"D

County Fair Lops
7"H 14"W 7"D

All Ears 
11"H 22"W 7"D

"Red Rooster"

"Cutthroat Trout"

"Owl Demo"
10"H 8"W 6D

Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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