Wednesday, 6 May 2015

#632 "The Power of Three" at the Cheryl Newby Gallery

Last month on Saturday evening, April 25 I attended the gala opening of "The Power of Three" at the Cheryl Newby Gallery located in Pawley's Island, South Carolina.  The exhibition presents twenty four works by three figurative sculptors:  Amy Kann, Gwenn Marcus, and me.  Each of us have very different styles and approach to our work.

In the words of gallery founder and owner, Cheryl Newby:  "Art serves as a channel of expression to release, elevate, and understand our innermost conflicts, as well as our aspirations, hopes, and ideals. I like to believe that humans see art and take it in; like breathing, subconsciously it affects us.  The POWER to communicate is what it's all about".

Below, is a picture of the three of us with Cheryl Newby in the beautiful gallery on April 25, images from the "Power of Three" catalogue, and additional photos and memories of our opening night.  The exhibition runs until May 23, 2015.

Gwen Marcus, Sandy, Amy Kann, Cheryl Newby

13"H 10"W 8"D

 Gwen Marcus and Trish

Green Back Heron
11"H 13"W 10"D

All works were beautifully placed with room to walk around the pedestals.
Some sculptures were displayed on furniture . . . as one would envision in a home environment.

To view the exhibition, go to

11096 Ocean Highway
Pawley's Island, South Carolina
(843) 979-0149 

Fred and Cheryl Newby are elected patrons of the National Sculpture Society.  In the show catalogue she writes:  
"Amy Kann, Gwenn Marcus, and Sandy Scott are each elected Fellows of the National Sculpture Society.  The NSS promotes the knowledge of excellence in sculpture inspired by the natural world.  Its members create, interpret, exhibit, collect, and support the evolving tradition in American sculpture.  NSS is a not-for-profit  organization whose members include some of the world's finest sculptors, architects, are historians, conservators and other allied professionals."

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