Sunday, 28 September 2014

#569 "Spirit of the Wild Things", con't . . . pelicans

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It's a cold, overcast, and blustery morning at the island studio on
Lake of the Woods in Ontario . . . a perfect time for the warmth of
a birch fire and reflecting upon times past at the cabin.

Seventeen years ago, Trish and I spent the months of late summer and fall here pouring over my journals and compiling 46 stories and musings for Susan Hallsten McGarry to organize into a publication about my work entitled "Spirit of the Wild Things".  Her superb writing and editing, along with forwards by Bill Kerr and Bob Kuhn, and
essays by Robin Salmon and Brooks Joyner, resulted in a book that was introduced on the occasion of the 1998 Gilcrease Museum Retrospective of my work. 

Many of the stories were inspired by time spent in Canada since my youth . . . exploring and learning.
The book chronicles early work and summarizes A lifelong love of animals and the outdoors.
Below, is another story taken from an early journal and included in the book.

Pelicans . . .  from the book entitled, "Spirit of the Wild Things - The Art of Sandy Scott".

From May to mid-October I live and 
work at the studio in my cabin.
I load up supplies and books and head 
north when the ice goes out - 
I go to my source where new and familiar 
adventure waits.  What anticipation!

When summer days of exploring are gone I'm 
always overwhelmed by memories of younger times,
yet I know that the past is as vital as the 
leaves that break down into the soil.

I note the pelican's absence and the loon's 
rich black color change to a dull gray . . . 
whispering wings fly overhead.  
The beautiful Colorado winter is waiting and 
there's work to be realized in the studio there.

The golden days are to be savored.  
Every yellow birch leaf reminds me it's 
autumn . . . it's time to close up and go south.  
Spring will come.

Below, is an image of Pelican Bookends . . . created in the early 90s.

Below, is an image of an original etching created for the back cover of Gray's Sporting Journal in 1981.

Below, are images of drawings from my sketchbook.

Below, is a photo taken yesterday across the bay from the island.  Although the color looks enhanced . . . it is not.
  The fall color this year is stunning,

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Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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