Sunday, 27 April 2014

#525 In the field: Brookgreen Gardens workshop

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Earlier this month I taught a 5-day bird anatomy, armature building, and sculpture
workshop at Brookgreen Gardens at Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina.

Though animal sculptors do not need to be scientists, they must know and understand the important bones, joints and muscles, not only where they attach but how they articulate.  In addition to this knowledge the bird sculptor must know the major feather groups, individual feather construction and the mechanics of flight.

Below . . .  a "chalk-talk" session during the workshop.

Workshops provide  continuing education for adults and an opportunity to learn from a working professional artist/instructor.  I enjoy working with students of all levels of proficiency; particularly beginners and painters.  We focus on birds in flight and my teaching method is structured and methodical . . . a step by step "follow me" approach.

Below, are images taken during April's 5-day workshop at Brookgreen Gardens.

Below, discussing and critiquing wing structure of excellent student block-in sculptures
depicting a barn swallow and a bufflehead duck.

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