Wednesday, 4 September 2013

#458 In the studio: The Briscoe Museum sculpture project, con't . . .

Currently in progress in the monument sculpture studio in Wyoming
is a project for the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas.  

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Phase Two of the Briscoe Museum project, a demanding and exciting commission that has been in production
in the studio this summer, depicts three running buffalo.
The ten foot wide bas-relief panel will be installed in a niche of the beautifully restored,
architectural deco masterpiece on San Antonio's Riverwalk  

Below, are two images of the clay maquette - or small study - that is the precursor to the large monument panel.  Measurements are taken from the maquette to enlarge the sculpture.
 As the work develops, modifications must be made to ensure the sculptor's desired effect.

Below, the monument is carved and blocked in using dense foam.
The foam is then covered with clay and modeled before being molded and cast into bronze.
Note, the foam leg being carved into lower relief as the monument progresses.
Adjustments continue and the tray on the lower right fills with foam and clay residue.

Relief work is demanding and the sculptor must understand how much projection is
necessary to trick the viewer's eye into seeing rounded form.
Below, are images of the monument clay model in progress.

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