Monday, 14 January 2013

#375 In the foundry: "Striding Cougar", lost wax casting, con't . . .

The silica ceramic shell is reheated in the kiln.  It is then placed cup-upwards and molten
bronze - the ingots melted at 2000 degrees - is poured into the space vacated by the wax.

Below, the bronze ingots are melted in a crucible while the ceramic shells are heated in the kiln.

Below, the hot, glowing ceramic shells have been removed from the kiln 
and will be turned cup-upward to accept the liquid molten bronze.

Below, the cougar ceramic shell has been placed on a bed of sand for 
stability, cup-upwards, and liquid, molten bronze is being poured into it.

Below, I've seen the lost-wax casting process many times in 
the foundry, and never tire of watching this ancient process.

Below, the glowing ceramic shell, filled with bronze cools down and hardens.

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