Saturday, 12 January 2013

#374 In the foundry: "Striding Cougar", lost wax casting, con't . . .

To follow this process from the beginning, start with Post #369, January 2.

The hardened silica ceramic shell with the wax cougar inside is placed in a hot furnace kiln and baked.  
The wax melts - or is "lost" -  out the sprues and gates, leaving the silica ceramic shell with a negative
 space identical to the wax casting of the cougar . . . which will be the receptacle for molten bronze.

Shown below, ceramic shells, including the cougar, are loaded on a rack and rolled into a furnace kiln.
 This process is known as burnout. 

Below, the melted wax is dripping out or being "lost" from the shell.  Thus, the term, "lost wax" casting.  
Melted wax will be caught in a tray, drip out the square funnel, then caught in a bucket for reuse.

Shown below, is the "Striding Cougar" on the wax burnout cart.  Note, the large pour spout under
the cougar . . . the cougar shell will be turned upside down and the molten bronze will be poured into this funnel.


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