Wednesday, 2 January 2013

#369 In the studio: "Striding Cougar" . . . style

I'm frequently asked to name the sculptors who have influenced my work . . .
They are:  Barye, Bugatti,  Rodin, Proctor, Troubetzkoy, Manship, Huntington, Weems, the Greeks, to name a few!

Nearly all artists have been influenced by the work of proceeding artists.
Awareness of great art helps artists evaluate their own work with a clearer and more discerning eye.  Figurative sculptors and painters develop their individual
way of seeing an animal's characteristics.  The imprint of the artist's personality,
the manner in which the animal is presented, is the artist's style.  

Below, is a new sculpture - Striding Cougar - which will be introduced at the Autry Masters Show next month.  
The subject and pose has been modeled by numerous animal artists . . .  my goal was to present the work
with my individual style.

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