Friday, 26 October 2012

#333 Noatak River, Alaska, con't . . .

One memorable day on the Noatak River canoe expedition - see post #332, Oct. 22 . . . howling headwinds and pelting rain made travel impossible; our group huddled in the cook tent, drinking hot coffee and tea; some of us working on our journals, reading, or painting.

One of our group members, Bob Hansen, an accomplished musician, (as well as an expert paddler) had brought his guitar on the trip.  What a delight to listen to this incredible entertainer in the wilds of Alaska as the weather kept us together on a blustery, wet day!

On another terrible weather day, I was asked to give an impromptu bird anatomy workshop to captive "students" in the cook tent . . . I explained the four basic wing shapes which helped identify the multitude of birds we encountered on the expedition.  A good, productive time was had by all . . . great memories!

Below, is a drawing from my sketchbook journal:

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