Thursday, 18 October 2012

#330 In the field: Noatak River, Alaska, con't.

There were days on the Noatak River canoe expedition - see blog post #329 Oct. 16 -
when the wind was so blustery and the weather was so cold and adverse that we simply had to hunker down in our tents . . .  reading, writing in our journals, or sketching and painting.

The Western Arctic caribou herd, numbering close to 500,000 animals, migrates to and from calving grounds through the broad expanse of arctic habitat along the Noatak.  We encountered many caribou on the tundra and crossing the river.

Below, is a caribou study from my sketchbook journal, painted in the tent during a windy day on the Noatak!

Sunrise along the Noatak

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