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# 677 "Quest for the West" at the Eiteljorg Museum, con't . . .

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Trish and I just returned from the Eiteljorg Museum's 10th anniversary of
"Quest for the West" in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We enjoyed the exciting art-filled event with fellow artists, collectors, and museum folks!

For information about the Eiteljorg Museum, please go to the link below.

Below, are images, comments, memories, and souvenirs from this year's "Quest for the West".

Below, is an image of the Ken Bunn Fountain in front of the museum.

Our hotel was directly across from the museum.  We enjoyed the view from our window of beautiful Indianapolis.

Below, Trish is with dear friend and fellow artist, Robert Griffing and Adam Smith; son of Dan Smith and a fine painter.  Also shown, is George Carlson's dramatic sculpture at the museum entrance.

Shown below, is Logan Maxwell Hagege, winner of this years's museum purchase award, and Tony and Brenda Eubanks.
At far right is long-time friend, Wayne Rumley who was honored as this year's Collector of Distinction.

Shown below, is Wayne Rumley with Jack and Valarie Guenther; founders of the Briscoe Museum
and Seth Hopkins; founder of the Booth Museum.

Shown below, I'm with fellow sculptor and friend, Doug Hyde and Joe Osborne.  Joe and his wife Gita
 are sponsors and principles of the museum and held an open house at their gracious home.

Shown below, are images of the annual catalogue signing by the artists.

Below, I had time to catch up with old friend, Curt Walters as Curt Mattson was slow as molasses, signing his name!

A wildly popular new event was the artist small works art swap:  Each artist's name was pulled out of a hat
that corresponded with the name of one of the artworks shown below.

Below, is my swap bronze - "Bushytail" . . . included is Dan Smith's fox painting.
The fox was on my shortlist of work I hoped to be drawn for and I won!

Below, are 3 more paintings on my shortlist by Robert Griffing, Logan Hagege, and George Hallmark.
All of the art was outstanding and my shortlist was not so short!

Below, is the fox painting by Dan Smith that I won . . . no one paints snow like Dan and I love the painting!

Below, I'm with James Nottage; Vice President, Chief Curatorial Officer and Gund Curator of Western Art.

Shown below are Curt Walters, Trish, Tom Dailey, Joe Sylvan, and Steve Zimmerman;
Steve and Gita Osborne co-chaired this year's Quest for the West.

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Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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