Sunday, 2 August 2015

#657 "Weekend for Elephants" at Columbine Gallery

Next weekend, Columbine Gallery in Loveland, Colorado is hosting a "Weekend for Elephants" coinciding with
 the 32nd Annual Sculpture in the Park which takes place across the street from the gallery.  The art show spotlights the work of the 9 members of Artist Ambassadors Against Poaching who traveled together to Tanzania in 2013 to experience the magnificent African wildlife and to photograph, sketch, and paint them in their natural habitat . . . the inspired and outstanding works presented next weekend are a result of their trip.

Proceeds from sales at the art show go to Ivory Orphans - the first sanctioned elephant orphanage in Tanzania that takes care of animals rescued due to poaching.  The hope and message of Artists Ambassadors Against Poaching and of Columbine Gallery is to bring awareness and funds to assist in the ivory poaching crisis which is decimating the remaining African Elephant herds.  AAAP is grateful for the generous support and contribution of Columbine Gallery and for the interest and support of collectors . . . come by and see us and see the art next weekend!

Shown below, is a photo of the members of the internationally known AAAP group of artists in Tanzania . . . they are:  
Sandy Scott (USA); Tony Pridham (Australia); John Agnew (USA); Jan Martin McGuire (USA); James Gary Hines (USA);  Robert Caldwell (USA);  Paul Dixon (South Africa);  Julie Askew (England);  and Dale Weiler (USA).

I will be showing ten new Africa themed works.  Below, is a new sculpture entitled, "Cheetah Chase".

For more information about the trip to Tanzania, go to blogs #477 - posted Nov. 10, 2013 through blog #497 - 
posted Jan. 19, 2014.   Upcoming blogs will focus on the creation and casting of the new sculptures that
 will be shown in Columbine Gallery's "Weekend for Elephants" next weekend.

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Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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