Sunday, 29 June 2014

#543 Throw on another log . . . in the gallery

The juried and invitational museum shows and exhibitions are an important way for artists to introduce new works and meet and intermingle with collectors, art lovers, museum and gallery folks, and peers.  Collectors enjoy the excitement and opportunity of the one-night only art sale and meeting the artists.  Sculptors who work in bronze and therefore offer multiple castings of an individual sculpture, do best when, like the painters,  introduce new work at museum shows.   Paintings, being one-of-a-kind, sell better at the one-night sale as savvy collectors know the sculpture edition will still be available in the galleries when the exhibition ends.    

 The museum shows are prestigious and exciting and most galleries want
their stable of artists to be invited.   I place equal importance however, on
gallery representation.  Whether I'm in the studio, paddling a canoe in Alaska,
or photographing wildlife in Africa, the galleries are in the trenches day in and
day out representing me.  Also, a collector can be more objective without the
artist at hand and the prospective buyer can express themselves more
freely about an individual artist's work.
I rely on my galleries and listen to them for 
they are the voice of the collector.                                                                   

I don't compete with my galleries by listing a personal or studio email address or telephone number on my website, 
on my blog, or advertisements . . . if an artist does this, it's logical that inquiries would go directly to the artist.  
I do not use the internet for sales although there is definitely a place regarding sales for the internet to work 
for professional artists with gallery representation.   The key is communication and disclosure . . .
in other words, no surprises between gallery and artist.  For instance, an ad is currently in an
art magazine for the National Sculpture Society that lists contact numbers for the studio . . .
this was my mistake as I did not review the ad when it was sent to the studio before publication.  

My home state gallery, Wilcox Gallery in Jackson recently sold the first of five castings of "Requiem for the Fallen" 
as a result of an ad in the May/June issue of "Art of the West" magazine shown below.
The ad was paid for by eight of my galleries and announced the new Prix de West sculpture. . . 
a win, win, win situation for Prix de West, the galleries, and the artist!

While most artists follow their personal interests and desires during the creative process,
 I continue to understand and appreciate the relevance of gallery representation.

I'm currently working on a small sculpture of a moose that was requested by Wilcox Gallery.
The work will be introduced and available at the gallery in September during the annual 
celebration of the arts in Jackson Hole and at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  
Below, are images of the new moose in progress.  Jackson, Wyoming is moose country!

Wilcox Moose Study (working title)
10"H 10"W

Wilcox Moose Study (working title)
10"H 10"W

Below are images of the moose sculpture in progress after one hour's work.  A quickly executed
block-in can have life and spontaneity.  The artist must understand the subject's anatomy and
structure in order to create correct proportion with large shapes and masses.

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  1. Sandy,
    These are probably not new words to your ears but after following your blog for a short time, I am compelled to say you have a gift not just for sculpting but as a natural teacher. As a relatively new, self taught sculptor I learn from your advice and wisdom and am inspired by your work. I live in Loveland, Colorado and if you are ever down to the foundry or events, I would consider it an honor to be able to meet you. My hat goes off to you and Trish for a great blog.

    1. SVines . . . this comment is SO appreciated! The blog was originally started for students and many of my commentaries are in response to student questions in a workshop environment. I look forward to meeting you! Where do you cast in Loveland? Sandy