Saturday, 3 November 2012

#337 In the field: Moose

Last month, Trish and I took a float plane to a remote lake north of Kenora, Ontario, to moose hunt.  Our hunt was successful and there will be plenty of venison in the freezer!

Being in the field is an important part of the animal artist's life . . . authenticity
and an accurate portrayal of the subject in the wild is not possible without "being there".  Somehow, the viewer senses in the artist's work if he or she has actually "been there".

As a youngster, I had the privilege of "being there" with my father, who instilled in me an understanding and respect for hunting, fair chase, and obtaining one's own food.

Below, moose camp at daybreak.

Red Willows was the result of research and reference gathered on previous hunts and field trips.

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