Monday, 16 July 2012

#282 In the studio: "Moose Flats", con't . . .

After the rubber sets up, a rigid foam jacket is sprayed over the rubber mold.  The foam hardens and is similar to insulation that is sprayed in buildings.  The jacket will hold the rubber mold in place and provide support while wax is poured or painted into the panels at the foundry.  The foundry is only 5 miles from the studio and as you read this post, the casting process is underway.  Over the past few weeks, many long hours have been spent at the foundry.  Delivery to the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, WY is scheduled for Aug. 8 while Trish and I are in Alaska; see post #273.

At right, Trish, an accomplished mold maker, oversees and assists with the mold making process in the monument studio at our Lander, WY studio headquarters.

For more information regarding this project, start with Post #274.

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