Friday, 9 December 2011

#102 In the Studio: New equestrian sculpture in progress . . .con't

My personal ideal of equine aesthetic perfection is an ongoing pursuit in my portfolio and at any given time I have several equestrian sculptures in progress in the studio.

There are powerful forms in the body of a horse and too much detail can detract from their simple conformation.  Line and edges define contour and form which are the essential elements of design.

Little else is needed than the relationship of the main masses and planes.  My goal is to present balance, simplicity and create a subliminal message of movement.

The different clay color in the two pictures is caused by lighting:  
The top picture is natural north light, the warm gray in the bottom picture is artificial incandescent light.
More about lighting in a later Blog.

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  1. This sculpture is so amazingly beautiful! I can't stop looking at these photos. I hope to take a workshop with you someday! I am so inspired by your work!

    All my best,