Monday, 7 December 2015

#689 White-tailed deer

Both Mule Deer and White-tailed deer are found in Wyoming but Mule Deer are more prevalent.
 I see muleys daily where I live in the Lander Valley located on the eastern slopes of the Wind River Range.
Occasionally, White-tails are to be found on the western slopes of the continental divide, but not often.
White-tails are typically considered an eastern deer but we have them and the further east you go from Wyoming,
the more common they become . . . the Rocky Mountains are the cut-off of their range to the west.

My studio is located on a river that flows into the eastern drainage of the Wind River and there is a resident herd
of White-tail deer a few miles northwest of us . . . we don't see them often but today a doe and a yearling
were out in the harsh, snowy weather.  Below, are images.

Below, are images of etchings entitled,"First Snow" and "White-tail in Snow".

Below, are images of sculptures entitled, "Swamp Buck" and "White-tail".

Swamp Buck


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