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#671 Africa Portfolio 1 . . . "Recumbent Giraffe", con't

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There are some events that occur in the field that are branded in your memory for the rest of your life . . . 
in Africa, my first sight of a Giraffe in the wild remains one of the most profound animal encounters I've ever experienced.

While driving on the dusty road from Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania to the south end of the Serengeti, we went over a rise and a Giraffe was to our left, less than 20 feet from the Land Rover.  "Twiga, said our guide in Swahile" as he stopped the truck . . . a blazing sun, low in the west backlit the magnificent Masai Giraffe (Twiga) as the magic of Africa enveloped me.  The animal advanced slowly, swinging its head and neck from side to side to keep its balance . . . looking as though it was moving in slow motion.   Without raising the camera, I simply soaked it all in . . . knowing that Africa in all its glory,
the grand, long-awaited adventure and subjects for untold future sculptures lay ahead.

Below, are photos taken of Giraffe in Tanzania.

Shown below,  are images of the clay model that was created in one sitting outdoors after our return from Africa.
I don't cast most of my one-sitting  (typically, 2 -4 hour) clay sketches but this one, I deemed worthy of bronze.

More about Giraffe and modeling recumbent animals in next Wednesday's blog.

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