Wednesday, 12 August 2015

#670 Africa Portfolio 1 . . . "Recumbent Giraffe"

In October, 2013, Trish and I traveled to Africa with a group of 9 internationally known artists to sketch, photograph, paint, observe, and experience the amazing wildlife in Tanzania.  The purpose of the trip was and is to raise awareness and funds to combat the African poaching crisis where thousands of elephants are slaughtered annually for their ivory tusks.  

To learn more about the trip, please go to blog #477, posted Nov. 10, 2013 through #497, posted Jan. 19, 2014.
https://www. Post #477

Last weekend Columbine Gallery in Loveland, Colorado hosted the first show for the group of 9 artists -
Artist Ambassadors Against Poaching  [AAAP] - and a generous portion of the sales went to our anti-poaching efforts . . . "Ivory Orphans" which cares for the young elephants after the adults are killed for their ivory.  More shows are planned.
To learn more about the art show at Columbine Gallery to raise funds for "Ivory Orphans", see the previous 3 posts.

The focus of this blog is the Giraffe;  a favorite subject depicted in one of the new works in Africa Portfolio 1. 
The new bronze sculpture was introduced at the Columbine art show in Loveland, Colorado last weekend.

Below, are photos of the sculpture, "Recumbent Giraffe"

Below, are photos of Giraffe taken in the field in Tanzania.

Next Sunday's blog spotlights the creation of "Recumbent Giraffe".

For anatomy reference, see page #616 and #655
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