Wednesday, 3 June 2015

#640 The pond, con't . . . Geese - domestic and wild

Please see the previous two posts for more information about the pond at the Wyoming studio.

Domestic geese have historically been kept as poultry for their eggs, meat, and down.  We currently have nine that we keep because they are beautiful on our pond, they're efficient "lawnmowers" and are alert "watchdogs".  
Although they're messy when they get on the deck, - as shown below - they have become a part of our life.

Due to their upright posture, their large, heavy body, short wings, and much of their weight being aft in spite of 
their large, meaty breasts . . . domestics are flightless.  Below, are images of our geese.

A few years ago we only had four domestics and what you see below, happened.
We try to prevent more breeding and I'll keep you posted about the outcome.

The domestics routinely interact with the wild Canada Geese on the pond during spring and summer when
 the wild ones are here to nest and raise their young.  While I don't understand the dynamics, 
the Canadas always win and keep the larger domestics away from their young.

Below, are images of the two different species on the pond. 

Below, is an early watercolor tinted etching of domestic geese . . . created in 1978.

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