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#570 "Spirit of the Wild Things", con't . . . favorite fishing spot

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We've enjoyed sunny fall weather the last few days at the
Lake of the Woods island studio in Ontario but today is a
cold, rainy, and windy day . . . a good day for a fire,
creating in the studio, making molds, and catching
up on indoor activities such as writing this blog.

We took advantage of the great weather and spent
most of our time this past week outdoors . . .
 catching walleye for the table, exploring, photographing,
sketching, and simply enjoying the beautiful northern wilderness.

Below, is a picture of Trish fishing for walleye last night
while a Canadian sunset sinks behind the pines.

"Spirit of the Wild Things - The Art of Sandy Scott" was published by Stony Press in 1998 and chronicles early work and a lifelong love of animals and the outdoors.

The book is not just a compilation of stories and memories but also a learning tool for anyone curious about animal and bird anatomy, sculpture studio techniques,
and insights into an artist's working methods.

 The stories - such as Favorite Fishing Spot which is reprinted below - were taken from my early journals and inspired by time spent in the Canadian northland since my youth.  


Favorite Fishing Spot . . . from the book entitled, "Spirit of the Wild Things - The Art of Sandy Scott".

My friend, Trish Smith, and I have a favorite fishing spot on Lake of the Woods that we've named Eagle Island.  
Atop a towering red pine, there's an enormous nest or eyrie, as it's called, and we can be sure of 
seeing mature and juvenile eagles during certain times of the season.

The eagles return there year after year, and the nest grows bigger and bigger.  We are very careful not to 
venture too close or linger too long because we want the birds to return to the place.  Now and then 
an eagle will scream - whether in rage, warning or threat, we don't know but we vacate immediately.

We've shut the motor down, paddled in and spent hours listening to their mild way of talking to each other in 
a kind of cackling - cack - cack - cack - or crying - koi - koi - koi.  Sometimes, high in the air, the mates join in 
a display of aerial gymnastics as they fly upward together, wheeling in ascending spirals.  Then they 
turn and dive - locking talons as they roll and somersault downward - pulling out of their tumbling 
descent just as it seems they are about to crash into the water.  All the while, they cry out to each 
other over the wind in shrill screams . . . and the the whole beautiful game begins again.

The only problem with my favorite fishing spot is we've never caught a fish there.

Below, are pictures taken at Eagle Island.

Below, is a drawing from my sketchbook.

Below, are photos of three different installations of the eagle monument entitled,
"Presidential Eagle - Eagle of the Rock"  The first image is located at the
Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Below, is an image of the same sculpture installed in Jackson, Wyoming at the
National Museum of Wildlife Art overlooking the National Elk Refuge.

Below, is an image of "Presidential Eagle - Eagle of the Rock"  installed at
Brookgreen Gardens, Murrels Inlet, South Carolina.

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Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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