Wednesday, 27 August 2014

#560 In the studio: "Big Four of the Rockies", con't . . . the Bison

. . .  the third blog in a series of four regarding this subject.
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Four new small sculptures were created this summer depicting the Big Four of the Rockies . . . the Grizzly, Moose, Bison, and Elk.  They will be introduced next month at Wilcox Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming in conjunction with the Western Visions Exhibition at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.
The focus of this blog is the Bison.

  Research is the most time consuming and important aspect of my work in the studio.  The sculptor simply must understand structure, anatomy, and behavior of their subject before approaching the sculpture stand.  One of the more obvious characteristics of the Bison is the long hair on top of the head, the chin, and the forearms.
Modeling this surface texture with warm, soft clay outdoors in the summer was a welcome challenge!

Below, are two images of the new Bison sculpture in progress.

Below, is a sketch from a recent trip to Yellowstone.

Below, is a large bronze sculpture bas- relief panel depicting a truncated design of the American Bison.

Bison I Fragment
26"H 35"W 8"D

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