Sunday, 20 April 2014

#523 In the field: Brookgreen Gardens aviary

Please see the previous post . . .   #522,  April 16, 2014 for the introduction to this series.

The aviary at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina's low country has been a favorite
source of information and research for many years.  I've experienced and learned much
about wading and marsh birds from the natural yet enclosed environment. 

This spring, while teaching a five day workshop about bird sculpture, bird anatomy, and armature building at Brookgreen,  I've spent many hours in the aviary . . . photographing, observing, experiencing, and sketching the resident species.  Below, are photos taken in the aviary of one of my favorites . . . the Black-crowned night heron.

I can't wait to start a head study and more sculptures depicting the Black-crowned night heron.
The bird is chunky and squat with a thick neck, heavy bill, large head, short legs, and broad, rounded wings . . .
all shapes that are important for the bird artist to realize.  I'm collecting data and experience, which is necessary to sculpt the species.  Flight is minimal in an aviary, therefore, I've researched the bird in flight on the computer . . . the head is held back against the shoulders, making their neck disappear.  Much can be learned by the artist by augmenting their
"in the field" experience with further exploration in the library or on the computer.

Below, are sketchbook entries at the Brookgreen aviary.

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