Sunday, 30 March 2014

#517 In the studio: new eagle monument

Throughout history,  the eagle is one of the few birds that has been successfully depicted larger than life by sculptors.
Common sense and logic tells the artist and viewer that not all birds should be monumentalized!
The eagle is one of the world's oldest symbols of power, resurrection and victory, and has been a traditional motif for sculptors for centuries . . . it is the symbol of our great nation.

Shown at right, is the small sketch or "maquette" that was
created to use as a guide for my new monument.

Below, are images of a new eagle monument that I started in the studio last month.  The initial drawings and reference have been assembled and a small clay sketch, called a "maquette", was developed and used as the precursor to blocking in the large sculpture design with very dense foam.  Afterwards, the large sculpture is shown being carved with a serrated knife and blocked in from the foam . . . it is then covered with oil-based clay and modeled before a mold is made and bronze casting begins.    The eagle in this sculpture is being presented approximately twice life-sized.

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