Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#482 In the field: Africa . . . the big cats: Lion, part 1

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This post spotlights the LION.

Unlike the Cheetah and Leopard - see post # 479, 480, and 481 - Lions live in a family
group called a pride.  A pride can be as small as 4 lions or contain as many as 30 or more.

Below, is a pride of lions photographed in the Serengeti.

The females in a pride usually do the hunting . . . but once a kill is made, the male typically will drive the females away and eats his fill first . . .  afterwards the females and cubs eat the rest.

Lions typically work together when they hunt, which increases their chances of catching prey.  They usually hunt at dusk and the female does most of the work.  Lions kill only when hungry and their immense physical strength places them at the top of the savannah food chain.

While in Tanzania a few weeks ago, we spotted many lions in the Serengeti, Ngororgoro Crater, 
and Tarangire . . .  including the pair below, on their "honeymoon."

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