Sunday, 1 September 2013

#457 In the studio: The Briscoe Museum sculpture project, con't . . .

Currently in progress in the monument sculpture studio is a project for the 
Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas.  

Please start this series of posts with #453, Aug. 18, 2013.

The clay models of the enormous horse architectural relief panels have been completed.
 Before being cast into bronze at the foundry, a rubber mold must be made
which will bring into being an exact wax replica of the creation.

Below, Trish is dividing the sculpture into panels which will be cast individually
and then assembled and welded together.  Shims are placed to separate the panels.
The panels must not exceed 24" wide due to the size of the equipment
and additional technical considerations at the foundry.
Trish is an excellent mold maker and has made my molds for over 23 years.

Shimming is complete and below, Trish is mixing the three-part rubber material used for the mold.
Measurements must be precise and mixing must be thorough for the rubber to set up and "cure" correctly. 

Below, Trish is painting the first of 4 coats of rubber onto the clay model.
Each coat will take from 3 to 5 hours, depending on temperature and humidity, to cure. 

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  1. Hi Sandy, it's Elizabeth from Australia. been following your latest project with much interest. I'm new to the world of bronze, and I'm currently working on a body of works (my first) I wish I could find a Trish! I was planning on making my own rubber moulds but as I have spent so many hours (months) on each piece,and information on how to do this has been hard to find, I think I will get the foundry to do them, for now. My pieces are only small, for now(in wax). I'm 44, I've left work to follow my heart and step out to produce a body of works for an exhibition. As there are no artists in my area that I can connect with regarding bronze, I'm trusting I'm doing things right. It's been such a wonderful feeling to sculpt and escape modern day order.Kindest regards