Sunday, 17 March 2013

#406 In the studio: Bird anatomy, con't . . .

Please start this bird anatomy series with post #403, March 10.

The sculptor must make the viewer sense the bird's movement of bone and muscle and
therefore must know how the skeleton articulates and the limitations of skeletal movement. 

Typically, I use my drawings to work out proportion and design possibilities.  Below is a drawing of a hawk in flight showing the skeleton.  This drawing was one of several that was used as a study for a recent sculpture of a
Red-tailed Hawk modeled life-size.   The next photo depicts the clay model of the pose . . . followed by
two images of the finished casting of the sculpture, entitled Red-tailed Hawk at Sappa Creek.   

Red-tailed Hawk at Sappa Creek
36"H 28"W 22"D
Copyright - Sandy Scott

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