Sunday, 13 May 2012

#234 In the museum: Howard Terpning; "Tribute to the Plains People"

This weekend, Trish and I attended the gala ceremonies and opening of Howard Terpning's Tribute to the Plains People exhibition at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, CA.  Luminaries of the art world gathered to pay tribute to this extraordinary artist and man.  I am proud to know Howard and his lovely wife Marlies as friends and to have my sculptures Mallard Duet and Fountain of the 
Rain Forest in their collection.  

Howard Terpning is one of the world's most lauded painters of the American West. Terpning is known for his devotion and respect for both the material, culture and the traditions of Native peoples who inhabited the Great Plains prior to the end of the Indian Wars. Terpning's vision pays tribute to what he considers a distinctive and beautiful world in paintings of Blackfoot, Crow, Lakota, and other Plains tribes. Using historical research, meticulous attention to detail, and sweeping landscape vistas, Terpning creates engaging and open-ended stories about life, family, and survival on the Western frontier. This extraordinary retrospective of Terpning's work  brings together more than eighty masterworks, some never before displayed to the public.  

Howard Terpning and me
Photo by Jamie Pham


  1. Hi is my favorit painter..

  2. So disappointed that I missed this show a couple of years ago. Howard is my favorite oil painter. I continue to study his work and dream of being at the level he is someday within my work.