Saturday, 11 February 2012

#158 In the field: Sedona birds and wildlife

While in residence in Sedona, mornings and evenings are spent on a secluded trail along beautiful Oak Creek. The trail splits
and while Trish takes the dogs for a romp across an open field,
I spend time stalking, observing, sketching and photographing birds and wildlife along the Oak Creek trail.

Oak Creek is part of the Verde Valley watershed and attracts over a third of the 900 plus species of birds in the United States. Wintering species includes waterfowl which is one of my favorite subjects for both sculpture and etchings.

Seeing birds and animals first-hand, in their environment and being there is vital to the wildlife artist.

Mallards Coming In
9 3/4 x 91/4
Original etching by SandyScott

Note: The etching link from is being redesigned and is temporarily offline

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