Monday, 16 January 2012

#136 In the studio: Pheasants still life con't . . .

Clay County Birds by Ken Carlson
30 x 20
Yesterday the image of this beautiful still life was emailed to the studio by fellow artist and friend, Ken Carlson.  I couldn't help notice the masterful use of lost and found edges in the work.

Lost and found edges are necessary in three-dimensional art as well as painting. While modeling the new pheasant still life sculpture (see yesterday's blog) it was important to soften and lose edges.  I refrained from using too much detail and pattern and let the larger forms dominate.  Transitions define form and as always, negative space - which has its own identity - was a major design element.

Oh Art of Painting, 
You may well consider 
Yourself most fortunate in having one of 
Your artisans elevate You, 
by his talent and manners, above the heavens!
                             Giorgio Vasari (on Raphael)

Pheasant still life 3-part mold in progress.  Notice foot and foot and wing parts on right.

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