Tuesday, 22 November 2011

#89 In the studio: The Lander, Wyoming Grassy River Studio . . .

We are back in Lander, in residence and at work in the Grassy River Studio.  Since 2005 this has been our headquarters.  We were located in Fort Collins, Colorado the previous 20 years where we eventually ran our own cold foundry and had our metal poured in Loveland.

In 2000 we bought a little ranch house on 8 acres along the Popo Agie River north of Lander and built the monument studio, guest house, log design studio and main house in that order.  In 2009 we moved into the main house.  I know it sounds complicated but it's not near as complicated as is was actualizing it.

At work in the the new design studio

Standing on the deck overlooking the Popo Agie River.  Popo Agie (pronounced po-PO-zsha)
is a Crow Indian name meaning "tall grass river" or "grassy river". 

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